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Prescott: I Still Have Role to play

John Prescott said in an interview that he feels he still has a major role to play in the government.

"I still believe that I've got an important contribution to make in that, otherwise I wouldn't stay around," Prescott said, clearly not wanting to leave his post.

However, he has unwittingly dropped an innuendo that the Labour party might be making a decision "very shortly" about the remainder of time that he and Tony Blair would be staying on the government.

Prescott also predicted that there would be a "timetable decided by Tony and the party".

The statements were made during an interview with BBC one's Sunday program. The statements however seem to be contradictory with the statements of some Labour members.

The party chairman, Hazel Blears, has tagged the rumors as "fabled" and "mythical" last month, and Blair himself has repeatedly refused name a departure date.

Prescott has been under intense criticism after the emergence of the conflict of interest issue over his association with super casino bidder Philip Anschutz.

Anschuts is the owner of the Millennium Dome, and is bidding for the license to turn it into a super casino.

Prescott however denied that he has been influenced by Anschutz, and likewise denied any involvement in the decision making about the Millennium Dome.